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Online Classes



In Sketching Spain Barcelona is a unique blend of virtual travel and art journaling class! Danny will share Barcelona's culture, food, wine and history. Judith will show you how to use simple sketching techniques to fill your art journal. Experience Barcelona with us!


  • 10 instructional art class lessons

  • 7 cultural tours around Barcelona

  • More than 2hr of great content

  • Downloadable resources

  • Unlimited access to lessons for duration of enrollment

    Access to private sketching community

  • Access to monthly virtual community meet-ups

  • Cultural and artistic support from your hosts


Sketching Spain All About Vino is the perfect hybrid of Spanish wine lessons and travel journaling. It includes a robust curriculum that aims to demystify the wines of Spain, while simultaneously offering fantastic art journal techniques in the classic Simple Sketch style.


  • 14 instructional art lessons

  • 13 Spanish wine lessons

  • More than 3.5hr of great content

  • Downloadable resources

    Unlimited access to lessons for duration of enrollment

    Access to private sketching community

  • Access to monthly virtual community meet-ups

  • Cultural and artistic support from your hosts

Art Travel Journaling Online Classes

Sketching Spain’s Online Classes are the perfect blend of Art and Travel

Sketching Spain Online Classes are the virtual version of our famed Sketching Spain Art Retreats. These art journaling online classes will bring the charming art of travel journaling to life, using the world-class travel destination of Spain as a palette, and all from the comfort and safety of your own home.



  • You want to learn a new fun and easy creative outlet: Travel Journaling!

  • You love traveling and Spain and want to learn more about it!

  • You love sketching, water coloring, and drawing!

  • You want a creative and fun way to record your travel memories.

  • You are curious about a no-fails approach to working in an art journal or sketchbook.

  • You want to join a supportive and fun creative community.


The Sketching Spain online class has taken me right back to my wonderful week in and around Barcelona with Judith and Danny a couple years ago.  Lots of good journaling tips from Judith, as always, and Danny takes you on a fun tour, recipes included, of Barcelona. I can’t wait to take another journey with them, after my planned trip for Oct., 2020 was cancelled. 




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I found Sketching Spain-Barcelona when I was missing traveling and wanting to fill COVID self-quarantining space with something fun and productive.  This online course was just what I needed!  I was able to virtually visit Barcelona and learn how to create a unique and artful travel journal. Travel guide Danny and art teacher Judith put together an engaging and educational course.  It will have you counting the days until your next trip!


Judith Cassel-Mamet’s Sketching Spain classes and her Simple Sketch methods are pure genius!  Her methods take all the fear and guesswork out of learning the techniques of art and replace them with a joy of discovery and creative expression. Her classes make art accessible to everyone. She has an infectious passion for art, is dedicated to helping students discover the joy of learning about simple art methods, and displays abundant creativity along with being super organized. Judith's classes have altered my life and given me discovery and purpose (in my art hobby, in traveling and creating travel journals, in just the sheer joy of drawing and painting, etc.) in ways I did not know were possible.

--Dennis K. 
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