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We are so excited to help you get started on your art journaling adventure. Get in touch with us today and let’s begin!

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  • I'm thinking about signing up, but I have never sketched. Is this for me?"
    No problem! Please be assured that Judith will guide you through some simple steps so you can enjoy your time recording the magnificent views on the trip, regardless of your previous art journal or drawing experience. With a small group (class is limited to 10 students) there will be plenty of individual instruction. We will include instructions on fun ways to use our phone cameras for those who prefer to capture their experiences in photos. We will also review a mixed media approach for those wishing to collage their pages with minimum sketching.
  • What art materials will I need?
    Students will be sent a simple list of art supplies along with a short video tutorial demonstrating the best sketchbooks and materials.
  • Are art materials included?
    Materials are not included and should be purchased before you begin. Not sure what you need? We have it covered! You'll receive a simple list of art supplies along with a short video tutorial demonstrating the best sketchbooks and materials.
  • What if I don't plan to travel any time soon?
    The techniques that you learn in your course can be applied to so much more than an art journal! Use what you learn to better your sketching and skills on other projects, and, when you’re ready, you’ll be even more prepared to create an incredible art journal on your next trip. You can also put the course to practice by sketching some sites in your hometown! With unlimited access, you can watch as much or as little as you want and complete the course according to your own schedule. As you work through the modules, go ahead and book those plane tickets. You’ll be preparing yourself for that next big trip along the way!
  • What if I've already been to Barcelona or other parts of Spain?
    Awesome! Use this opportunity to learn even more about some of the amazing sites you may have already seen and discover a side of Barcelona only seen from a local’s perspective. By the time you’re done, you may even want to visit again...
  • Who can I contact if I'm still not sure if this is right for me?
    Email us at for any questions you have about our online classes and in-person retreats. We’re happy to help!
  • I've never done an online course. Is the platform easy to navigate?
    No problem. Our course portal is very intuitive and makes it easy to pause your video, go back to the beginning, pick up where you left off, or even skip around.
  • Do you offer a secure online payment process?
    We offer 100% secure checkout powered by Stripe, so you rest assured that your information will be protected.
  • What if I start the course and then realize it’s not for me?
    We’re positive you’re going to love the course. However, in the event that you feel the course is not the right fit for you, please contact us directly at If you haven’t completed more than 25% of your course, we’d be happy to process a full refund.
  • Do you offer personalized feedback or an in-person course?
    You’re in luck! We offer in-person courses in Spain and Portugal. Check our page here for updated dates and information!
  • Do you have any special offers?
    We do offer early bird courtesy rates on our retreats. Please ask!
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