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Why an Online Sketching Class is Worth it

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

If you’re anything like us, staying home was probably not what you had planned for your summer. Maybe you wanted to travel to a different country, pick up a new hobby, learn something interesting or just spend time with your friend and family. If you’re looking for something to make up for your change of plans, we’ve got you covered!

Sketching Spain Online Class: Barcelona

We launched our new online class, Sketching Spain Barcelona! This is the perfect hybrid of art and travel! The art journaling classes are instructed by Judith Mamet-Cassel, who has been teaching art for over 25 years. She has led many art retreats in places such as Barcelona, Seville, Taos, New York City and Crested Butte Colorado.

Art Travel Journal creation at it’s best!

Judith guides you through a number of different techniques in which you will learn to sketch people, buildings and food. Throughout this online class, you will experiment with mosaics, watercolors and pens! As a result, you will become much more confident when working on your travel art journal. Why not get started today?!

Travel Virtually to Barcelona

In addition, Danny Adler, the CEO of Adler & Marlow Bespoke Luxury Travel, will be giving lessons on the 2000 year history of Barcelona, lead you through a virtual walking tour of the city and offer some other fun tips about the cultural side of Barcelona. You will apply your new art journaling skills to draw some of the buildings and monuments that you virtual pass. One particularly interesting lesson that discusses the differences between Champagne and Cava, a Spanish sparkling wine will be followed with a tutorial on how to draw a wine glass! After these classes, you will gain a new appreciation for Barcelona and all that it has to offer!

Between learning the history of Barcelona, taking virtual tours and drawing buildings, scenery and food unique to Spain, you will get a special experience similar to that of traveling. You will see Spain in a different way from the comfort of your own home! Once international travel opens again, join us on our signature Sketching Spain Art Retreats. You can also check out Judith’s website to get more inspiration, or Adler & Marlow‘s site to start thinking about travel options!

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