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Travel Journaling Even When We Are Confined

Greetings! Like millions of people I have packed away my passport, sadly, and am challenged with finding ways to explore my dual passions of travel and travel journaling while at home.

I learned early on in this pursuit that I loved the process of capturing moments and that to fill an art journal (one that combines a little text with sketching, collage & mixed media) I needed to start where I was, and that was at home with small kids. Back in the days of working and raising a family it was my attitude about my pursuits that could change the mundane into an adventure. Eventually, those newly recognized “adventures” became inspiration for filling my pages in a playful manner.

As the years passed I was actually able to put in some miles (using my passport!) and record my experiences thru sketching & collage. And then the pandemic….

So how do you create an travel journal, without leaving home?

We are all facing our confinement and efforts to remain healthy and mentally engaged. In early March when things started to unfold, I decided to use my journal pages as a document of this time. It has become a travel journal thru this unknown challenge. It is ironic to realize that I am taking a pivot back to my roots and finding ways to change the way I observe my surroundings while staying close to home.

On my adventure journal” trips with students I encourage them to simplify and find ways to record their moments. Whether we are in a crowded market or a quiet beach, we stay focused on the process of looking, rather than the notion of creating a “perfect” painting on a page. If that includes collage (business cards, maps, etc.) or a splash or watercolor then go for it!

Continue your art travel journal from home!

Here is an example from my travel art journal during one of our retreats to Barcelona: this picture was an approach to simplifying the massive visual stimulus of the Santa Caterina Market in Barcelona. We started by painting blobs of color before entering, then found simple images to sketch on top of the blobs. It was a delightful color hunt!

How could I re-capture the feeling of discovery while staying at home? I decided to re-create the exercise and start with those splashes of color, then wander outside to find flowers that matched the colors (spring has begun in my world). No passport required! My travel log is now documenting both the inner and outer landscapes as we all move forward into this new reality.

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