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 Try our hands-on course for FREE and transform yourself from art enthusiast to avid travel journaler.

Capture your travel moments like never before with Sketching Spain Barcelona.

When you’re caught up in the excitement of visiting a new place, it can sometimes be difficult to stop and take everything in. Personal photos can provide you with a snapshot of your experience, but are you allowing yourself time to capture those moments in a more meaningful way? A great way to help you slow down and make your trip even more memorable and rewarding is art journaling.


Join Danny, an expert in all things Spain, and Judith, an artist, teacher, and adventurer, as we take you on a one-of-a-kind journey through Barcelona. We’ll immerse ourselves in Barcelona's culture, food, wine, and history, all while mastering easy-to-follow multimedia art techniques - art journaling has never been so fun!

Learn more about Danny and Judith here!

Enjoy two FREE online lessons, including:

  • An instructional art tutorial with Judith, your journaling guru, where your creativity will run wild with mosaics.


  • A cultural tour with Danny, your personal expert in all things Spain that will have you falling in love with Modernism and the architecture that gives Barcelona its undeniable aesthetic appeal.

Our online course includes video tours and demos with Danny and “how-to” travel journal videos with Judith that complement each other perfectly. Each module is jam-packed with cultural tidbits about Barcelona and simple instructions to help you improve (or start!) your travel art journal. 


Whether you're a beginner or someone who’s already dabbled in art journaling, we’re here to help! We LOVE Spain and couldn’t think of a better place to help guide you through our no-fail process. By the end of our course, you’ll feel fully prepared to hit the ground running with the perfect “supplies list'' and all the skills you need to bring your art journal to life



If you...

  • are interested in a great combo of travel, culture & art lessons,

  • want to be able to create a unique, personalized memento from your travel experiences,

  • are eager to learn simple artistic ways to create a travel journal,

  • are ready to improve your sketching skills or experiment with mixed media art journaling,

  • are interested in sketching or art journaling and want easy-to-understand instructions to help you get started,

  • are excited to learn more about Spain and Spanish culture through a unique, hands-on experience,

  • are thrilled to join a fun and entertaining course led by two masters in their fields, or

  • have done our Sketching Spain: All About Vino Course and you’re ready for more,


...then you’re in the right place!

Here's what our students have to say

I found Sketching Spain-Barcelona when I was missing traveling and wanting to fill COVID self-quarantining space with something fun and productive.  This online course was just what I needed!  I was able to virtually visit Barcelona and learn how to create a unique and artful travel journal. Travel guide Danny and art teacher Judith put together an engaging and educational course.  It will have you counting the days until your next trip!


testimonial photo Barbara.jpg

The Sketching Spain online class has taken me right back to my wonderful week in and around Barcelona with Judith and Danny a couple years ago.  Lots of good journaling tips from Judith, as always, and Danny takes you on a fun tour, recipes included, of Barcelona. I can’t wait to take another journey with them, after my planned trip for Oct., 2020 was cancelled. 




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